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Complete guide to live with less


The 1999 action thriller, "Fight club"Starring Hollywood heartbreaker Brad Pitt as the infamous" Tyler Durden, "anarchist and minimalist with a streak of genius.

One of the most memorable lines of the film occurs when the character played by Edward Norton, (who is never mentioned in the movie, and only appears as "the narrator" in the credits), complains to Tyler about how he criticizes him. apartment ruined all his possessions.

To this sad self-loathing, Tyler responds with the phrase, "the things he owns end up being his owner."

In a world where what we drive, the phone we own and the watch we use determines our social status, minimalists are struggling to break these stereotypes.

Over the past five years, the trend of "minimalist life" has become more popular, but what does minimalist life mean?

The minimalist philosophy

Being minimalist means eliminating the unnecessary mess you don't need in your life. Imagine telling him that he would give a one-way ticket to any destination he chooses, with $ 10,000 in cash to spend.

Would you take the opportunity? Of course, he would, that is not surprising, but what is the maximum curiosity: where would he go, what would he do with the money and how long would he remain at his destination?

If you decide to visit Paris for a few weeks and spend all the money to buy in the city's luxury clothing stores and jewelry stores, then minimalist life is not a lifestyle option for you. It is not that there is something wrong with this choice, everyone deserves to live their best life in the way they want: that is the power of personal freedom and live in a democracy.

However, minimalists take a different approach to this situation. If you are the type of person who would pack your bikini, sunscreen and umbrellas, take your passport and go out the door, that's a good start. Minimalists can come and go without worrying in the world of who will take care of their house, feed their cat and if their work will be there when they return, if they return.

It is not that the minimalists lack responsibility, but they have a sense of freedom because they do not bind themselves to possessions or commitments that take them away from experiences. Minimalists do not break the beach tramps who travel on a whim at the expense of others. In reality, many minimalists are successful online entrepreneurs who have managed to obtain an independent income stream by working online.

Minimalist lifestyle

Starting with the minimalist life

So what does it take to be minimalist? If the example shared above seems to fit your bill, then we can say that it aligns with this type of life. Let's review what you will need to make this lifestyle work for you.

Your attitude

If we have to choose a mantra that would be the mission statement for all minimalists, it is; "Choose experiences about possessions." People who practice this lifestyle accept life and everything the world has to offer.

Minimalists focus on growing their mind, spirit and body through how they choose to spend their time and money. Minimalist values ​​include meeting new people, traveling to new countries and experiencing different cultures. Money is simply a vehicle to achieve personal goals.

Does this mean that every minimalist is a traveler? Not at all. If you prefer to live a life free of possessions and have very little, it can be considered minimalist. While people who read that may think that this sounds like someone poor, this is not the case.

Being free of financial possessions and commitments does not mean that you cannot have a well-paid job with many savings and investments. Minimalism will not prevent you from building an online empire worth millions of dollars that does not finance your lifestyle either.

Minimalism is a mentality and a set of values ​​that encompass embracing your life for you, not for the car you drive, the house you own or the clock on your wrist. This statement may sound selfish, but that is not the case. Minimalists are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers too. Creating, building and maintaining relationships is one of the fundamental values ​​of lifestyle.

Your home

Are you beginning to understand the concept? Minimalism means that you are a global citizen, and every country, every state or province, and every city, county or town on planet earth is your home. With this in mind, why settle down?

If I told you that you have the option of living in any of my 30 homes around the world, at a reasonable daily rate that is less than your rent or mortgage payment, would you accept the offer?

The point is that if you could live anywhere as long as you wanted, and your income wouldn't change, would you still want to live where you are now? Are you stuck in your current environment, but do you feel you want to escape?

Minimalist home

On the other hand, some minimalists are fine to live where they are for the rest of their life. They simply choose to do things differently from most owners. You will find that the majority of minimalist owners live in accommodation that they can afford, with an emphasis on functionality over aesthetics or lot size.

Most minimalists who choose this option, pay their mortgage as quickly as possible, and the family tends to be the main value for this group. They value sustainability, and many grow their food from seeds to salad bowls.

Some minimalists waive the responsibility of a mortgage and possessions and, instead, choose to live in fully or partially furnished rental apartments. These minimalists are often "digital nomads," who work online. One month they could be enjoying the sights and sounds of the sun, surfing and locals in Canggu, Bali, and the next they could camp in a lodge amidst the snow-capped peaks of the Andes mountains.

Your car

Growing up as a teenager or a young adult in today's modern and materialistic society makes us believe that consumption and possessions are what matters in life. If we crave the status and recognition of our peers, as well as power and wealth, then our values ​​encompass more money and possessions.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting money and possessions, it is not the main value for most minimalists. What you drive will be a good reflection of whether you are made to be minimalist.

If you have the latest BMW model in your double garage and you are considering renting the new Mercedes model to take second place, then minimalism is not for you.

Take as an example a free professional surfer, Rob Machado. Throughout his career, Rob has acquired a small fortune from his legacy in sports. It has inspired thousands of young people around the world to pick up a surfboard and stay healthy with surfing.

Minimalist car

You can meet Rob if you visit the beaches around his hometown of Huntington Beach, California, where his foundation sponsors local cleanups and trash cans along the beach. If you are lucky, I could even give you a surfboard, which will look in the back of your reliable and hit truck that is always left open, so that people can grab a board and join Rob in the water.

Are you beginning to understand what minimalist life is about?

Your wardrobe

A look inside a minimalist's closet provides a wealth of information about his mentality. Some minimalists have huge closets, but if you ask them to pack for two weeks on vacation, then they will know what outfits they should wear.

Minimalists enjoy diverse and practical clothes, as well as elegant. These people value the clothes that will last and do not spend their money on shopping trips to buy outfits that they will only wear once or twice. Having 50 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes is not a priority in your life.

Minimalist clothing

This costume strategy does not mean that minimalists cannot own much clothing; They simply do not have a lasting emotional attachment to them. Brands may be relevant to some minimalists, but for the most part, it is not something they spend their time or money thinking in great detail.

Your finances

The way in which these individuals manage their finances is possibly the most significant factor in minimalism. Minimalists with a job often discover that they save a higher percentage of their wages than other people. Instead of spending their money and increasing their expenses, minimalists will conserve their financial resources and reduce their living costs, often living a frugal lifestyle.

Most likely, you won't find a minimalist with a mortgage in a house you can't afford, and they don't like to buy outrageously expensive luxury cars either. Instead, they save their earnings and spend it on experiences, such as trips abroad to destinations they want to visit.

However, a true minimalist does not limit his freedom to a salary or a job. Today's minimalists are "digital nomads." This term describes a person who travels the world and makes a living earning an income online.

Live under your means

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Manage websites or e-commerce blogs, manage social media accounts or teach English online, everything allows digital nomads to make a living from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

It is important to take into account the difference between possessions and assets in this section. Assets are financial instruments such as savings accounts, businesses and properties that generate income. Possessions cost you money, and sit in your driveway, losing value with every mile you drive.

Minimalists can have many assets, but most have very few possessions.

We delve into different methods to obtain additional income in the following publications:

The advantages of being a digital nomad

Does traveling the world while your online income pay for your trip sound like a dream? Well, you can make it happen. All you need is to act to begin a journey towards a self-sustaining lifestyle in which you live according to its rules and set aside the chains of modern materialism.

Being a digital nomad allows you to pick up and move anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye.

YouTube vloggers are an excellent example of people who generated income online traveling around their country and the world while sharing their experience with their subscribers.

Being a digital nomad allows you to be free of financial worries. You don't have a boss to tell you what to do, and you have no commitments other than what you do to yourself and your family. Being a digital nomad allows you to enjoy furnished accommodations anywhere in the world, without the need to buy a sofa or a television. Get rid of the mess that adds no value to your existence.

Digital nomads focus on building relationships with people while traveling. You never know who you will meet on your next trip, or what opportunities there are in the next corner.

How to live well without work

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In conclusion: experiences, not possessions

We hope this guide has given you an idea of ​​minimalist life and the values ​​adopted by this approach to life. Of course, we understand that it is not for everyone, but that is the beauty in the diversity of human culture.

Some people need to possess possessions and accumulate wealth or status in their community. We want to point out that there is nothing wrong with this if it serves your values ​​and meets your life goals. There are many people who are very happy to earn a lot of money, drive smart sports cars and own a large house with lots of furniture.

However, if this kind of thing does not make sense to you, and you have always discovered that it never depends on your previous belongings, such as your baby shoes and the first tooth you lost, then you may have The roots of minimalism grow in your soul.

Above all, minimalist values ​​experience life over possessions. It is this defining element of their personality that separates them from the rest of society.


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