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Get “The Wuhan Corona virus survival manual” in paperback – Investment Watch


by Daisy luther

As the new coronavirus that originated in Wuhan seems to be spreading throughout the world, there are more questions than can be answered in an article, or even in a series of articles. My inbox has been full of people asking for advice, and I know there are many of you who want answers.

And although we still don't know everything about the virus (we really know very little), we know several important things:

  • We can look back in history to see how governments override information to "avoid panic."
  • We may use the information we have about the virus to make plans in some way informed to protect us
  • We can see that many people are not prepared for quarantine or other isolation measures.
  • We can predict that hospitals in the USA. UU. They could be overwhelmed quickly
  • We can expect what will happen when hospitals are on the rise
  • We know how to prepare for these things the best we can

I checked some of the other books about this virus on Amazon, and none of them had information that was thorough enough.

With all this in mind, my good friend Cat Ellis, the best selling author of Prepper natural medicineY Preparing for a pandemic (which is now sold out), has written a guide to prepare for this virus in case it reaches our shores significantly.

The Wuhan coronavirus survival guide: how to prepare for pandemics and quarantines (nCoV-2019, Covid-19) Now available for purchase with 2 day shipping

This is not the type of information you will want in PDF format, we know that. So, since time is essential, we have gone straight to the paperback book. We are offering it just above cost during the first 3 days, at $ 10.95. At midnight on February 18, the price will rise to $ 15.95. If you prefer digital copies, you can get it on Kindle here.

  • Part One The book contains a secular explanation of what we know about the virus, containment measures, comparisons with historical data on how governments (including ours) have handled the outbreaks: what they have hidden and how they have hidden it.
  • The second part The book contains information on what to do to prepare for the possibility of self-isolation, including how to determine when to enter the blockade. (Hint: if you have waited for the official request, you have waited too much). You can also know what supplies you will need for a prolonged quarantine.
  • Part three The book is about the blockade itself: how to establish isolation and quarantine sections in your home, the rules surrounding self-quarantine, supportive care if someone gets sick and you cannot get hospital care, and much more.

This book was quickly prepared, but was written by the lead author of pandemic preparation and herbal care. It is very complete and has 121 pages, something that you can read and implement quickly.

Go here to get your pocket copy.

Go here to get your copy of Kindle.

Remember, it only costs $ 10.95 for a couple of days. Then the price will rise permanently.

Cat Ellis, the best-selling author of Prepper's Natural Medicine, has written a guide for the preparation of Covid-19 and what we might expect in a pandemic. The | The Organic Prepper

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