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Guide with pros and cons


Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a subscription-based business accounting software.

There are numerous business accounting software solutions, and Sage Business Cloud Accounting may or may not be the best option for your business.

Because each company has different needs, it is important to evaluate the specific things that your company will do with your business accounting software. Sage Business Cloud Accounting has some excellent features, but it also lacks other tools that some companies may find useful.

Like most business accounting software options in today's market, your company can subscribe to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, without having to commit to the long term. Let's take a look at all the things that Sage Business Cloud Accounting can do, and what kind of features other platforms offer as well.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting Basics

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a platform designed to help small businesses keep track of their books. It has a practical mobile application that will work with iOS and Android, and can also be used on a desktop computer.

The platform used to be known as Sage One, but today it has been renamed as Sage Business Cloud Accounting. It can be used once your company purchases a monthly subscription, and there are two plans to choose from.

These are the two plans offered by Sage Business Cloud Accounting:

  • Start of accounting: $ 10 USD / month The Sage Business Cloud Accounting accounting startup plan will give you access to your business for a single user and provide you with a bank source, expense management, billing and reporting. You can also use the mobile application with this plan.
  • Accounting: $ 25 USD / month The accounting plan gives your company everything that includes the accounting startup plan, and adds access for multiple users, in addition to the ability to track multiple companies. Your account will also support basic inventory management and invoice tracking. There is a tool that will allow your companies to forecast cash flow, which can be useful.

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Use of Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Setting up with Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a very simple process. Once you purchase a subscription, you can log in and review the checklist that will help you add all the necessary information. It is worth mentioning that while the company has "cloud" in its name, it is not really a cloud-based platform.

You can access information on expenses, sales, a cash flow statement and cash flow forecasts (according to the plan you choose to buy) from the website tabs. You can also display the information in a box, which can be an excellent way to visualize the health of your company.

Increase efficiency

Sage Business Cloud Accounting has some excellent features that will help you save time. The platform has an Accounting plan function that will help your company create estimates and also convert them into invoices that can be paid online if you choose to connect a Stripe account to your Business Cloud Accounting account of your age.

The platform also allows you to connect all your bank accounts, as well as credit card accounts. If you choose to do this, your company can reconcile bank charges with all your other accounts, which will be done automatically. All your transactions will be downloaded automatically and the platform can use the data in all the statistics it generates, as well as planning.

If you want to do your job from a mobile device, the Sage Business Cloud Accounting application can do a lot to help you stay busy while traveling. You can record expenses, send invoices, receive photo receipts and view metrics from your mobile device.

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More features

Sage Business Cloud Accounting will also help your company reorder everything you need and keep track of inventory levels if you want the platform to do so.

The platform allows you to automatically import stock levels from another program or manually set the desired stock and order levels. Once configured, the platform will ensure that the correct quantities are ordered when the levels fall to the specified quantities.

There are more than 20 different types of reports that Sage Business Cloud Accounting will generate so you can actively monitor your company's performance whenever you want.

Metrics such as a balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balance, seniority reports and a ledger can be generated at any time and exported as a spreadsheet if necessary.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers integration with more than 40 platforms through the Sage market and will allow your company to connect directly to many POS and CRM platforms.

If you're wondering if Sage Business Cloud Accounting will work with your current systems, take a look at its support section or send an email to the company.

In addition, Sage Business Cloud Accounting has an active community of users who offer their opinions on how to make the most of the platform. If you need help from the company directly, subscribers can use the online support system based on tickets.

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Where is Sage Business Cloud Accounting in the industry?

There are many accounting solutions for small business accounting in today's market. It is a good idea to understand the types of features that exist, so that your company gets the most out of your money.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is part of a growing trend that sells business accounting software by subscription and offers a set of accounting tools for around $ 300 USD per year.

Many of the features that are included with both Sage Business Cloud Accounting plans can be found on other business accounting software platforms, and there are some things that Sage Business Cloud Accounting cannot do.

If your company needs to create recurring invoices, there are no plans from this software company to help. This may or may not be a problem for your company, but it is better to know in advance, especially if you sell things by subscription.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting also lacks automatic payment reminders, but an alternative solution is to send invoices to its customers every month with the platform.

The platform cannot automatically track billable hours, nor can it add billable expenses to an invoice. This can be a decisive factor for small businesses that need to bill for time or add expenses to an invoice.

There are many other business accounting software solutions, and many can also be subscribed monthly. The platform is a very good solution for many companies, but there are some others that could fit better.

Other platforms to consider

There are many options when it comes to a subscription-based accounting platform for your small business. If you need to have features that Sage Business Cloud Accounting does not offer, here are some other accounting platforms that might work for your business needs.

Financial wave

It may come as a surprise, but in reality there are free business accounting software platforms. Wave Financial is one of the best there is and can be a good way to get going if you don't want to pay a monthly fee.

Wave Financial offers many features for free, and you can add online credit card processing, mobile applications and payroll services for a fee. The only real drawback of the platform is that your company will have to pay if you need to expand to more advanced services, which can be a problem if your company is already established.

In any case, Wave Financial is an excellent business accounting package that you can start using for free. If you discover that it is not the right accounting solution for your company, at least it cost you nothing to try it.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a multi-level business accounting platform that will work for almost any SME, from a single independent professional to a medium-sized company with numerous employees. One of the best parts of QuickBooks Online is the amount of different plans it offers, so that your company can buy the perfect plan for your needs.

Here are all the plans offered by QuickBooks Online:

  • Self-employed plan – $ 10 USD per month QuickBooks Online created this plan for a freelancer who has basic accounting needs. For $ 10 USD per month, you can track mileage, income and expenses, and also issue invoices. You will have access to some basic reporting functions, but it is the only plan that cannot be updated later. If your company exceeds this plan, you must open a new small business account to stay with QuickBooks Online.
  • Simple Start Plan: $ 20 USD per month The most basic plan for small businesses in QuickBooks Online is the Simple Startup Plan. It is designed for a single user and allows a small business to start tracking sales tax, generate invoices and estimates, and create some basic reports. The only thing missing from the Autonomous Plan is the mile tracker, since this plan is aimed at retail or sales-based businesses.
  • Essentials Plan – $ 40 USD per month If your business has gone from being a single employee, the Essentials Plan allows you to add up to three people to the company. The account will also record the time as well as the invoices.
  • Plus Plan: $ 70 USD per month At $ 70 USD per month, the Plus Plan will allow your company to manage inventory, as well as create purchase orders, track projects and pay independent contractors. The company can add up to five employees to this plan and is clearly aimed at larger SMEs.
  • Advanced plan – $ 150 USD per month If you need to have advanced reporting capabilities and up to 25 employees in the company's account, the Advanced QuickBooks Online Plan is the way to go. Your company will also receive dedicated customer service and free training on some of the most advanced features.

With the exception of the Advanced Plan, all QuickBooks Online plans can be used in a free 30-day trial before signing up. The only real drawback of QuickBooks Online is the price of some of the more advanced plans, although they include a lot of features, they are not cheap.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is one of the most popular small business accounting software platforms that exist. It exists completely online and can be used from any browser, anywhere. Service levels are divided into three different categories, and many useful services can be added per item for a small fee.

The three service plans are:

  • Basic plan: $ 9 USD per month
  • Standard plan: $ 19 USD per month
  • Professional plan: $ 29 USD per month

There are also add-ons such as scanning and postal mail, all of which are billed to your company if you opt for them. Zoho Books is one of the best options for small businesses and will not take up space on their computers!

Will Sage Business Cloud Accounting work for your business?

If your company needs a well-designed business accounting solution, it is worth checking out Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

The platform does not have all the features that some companies may require, so it is a good idea to design the features that your company needs before launching into the integration of a new accounting platform.

One of the best things about the platform is the price, and its two plans are very competitive with other similar offers in the market. It also has excellent mobile applications, which makes it a good option for business people on the move.

Overall, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a solid business accounting platform for SMEs that do not need to track billable hours or create recurring invoices. Make amazing reports that are on par with any of the other business accounting platforms that are available.

For more information on how to sign up for Sage Business Cloud Accounting, check their website by clicking here.

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Sage Business Cloud Accounting

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  • Easy to use
  • Well designed user interface
  • Many automations and integrations
  • Multiple currencies
  • Customization options


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