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Learn about the Cleo app review: financial assistant powered by AI


Everything is moving towards the digital world. Now, you can use Cleo as your own financial assistant with artificial intelligence. If you're wondering why you need a financial assistant, you might be surprised at how much a manager can do to help you learn more about how and where you spend.

We all need to spend reasonably. If you see where a billionaire like Warren Buffett eats, he may be surprised to see that his favorite restaurant is a local steakhouse.

It is good to think that "flexing" the expensive equipment on Instagram is a viable way to plan your future, but the kind of sensible spending advice that an application like Cleo gives you is a much better way to get ahead.

We need to control how we spend, otherwise we could end up paying more for something we could get a better deal on, or even spend on things we don't need. Eventually, we don't have enough to fund more essential things and see why Buffett is not shaking an icy Rolex or walking around the city on a McLaren.

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What is Meet Cleo?

With Cleo, your financial management concerns will be placated. Cleo is a smart virtual assistant. It can be accessed from a laptop through its website (www.meetcleo.com) or through its application on your smartphone. You may be interested Cleo, given its ease of use.

Cleo can help you keep track of expenses. It will push you to be more aware when you are about to exceed your projected spending limit. It also gives you advice on how to obtain specific goods and services at lower prices if you find that the amount you spend on a particular item is greater than the average paid by other Cleo members.


The website gives the impression of being professional and easy to understand. He welcomes you with an explanation about Cleo's characteristics and how he facilitates the administration of his finances. It goes further and gives you information about the security of the details of the account that enters the application.

According to the company, it uses the security of the system at the banking level and its systems operate a read-only service, which means that it does not have access to make any type of change in its account. Transaction information is encrypted and not stored on your server. No doubt, Cleo seems to have thought about his business.

How to register

The registration process with Cleo is quick and easy, along with the text messages you receive during the process. Text messages include information about Cleo and a guarantee about the security of your account details, which you must link with the application so that you have direct access to the transactions in your account.

Whenever you have your bank account information at hand, it should be up and running in five minutes. If there is a delay or challenge with the synchronization process, you will also receive a message explaining the cause of the delay.

You must finish the process quickly. If you log in through your laptop, you will see a graphic illustration of your balance, last transactions, direct debits, classified expenses of the last 60 days.


The feeling that many people feel after completing the registration process is positive.

Cleo gives you instant answers and advice when you ask about my spending attitude and account balance. This is possible because Cleo uses an artificial intelligence service through text messages, Google Assistant, Facebook Messenger and Amazon Alexa.

The platform uses a humorous and friendly emoji / gif to communicate along with a warm and friendly tone that is very cozy, which is very fun.

Why is Cleo so kind to me?

Cleo earns money by helping him reduce the amount he spends on certain things.

For example, you can receive a notification from Cleo that the amount you spend on your gas bill is greater than the average amount that other people are spending. You will be offered an alternative gas supplier. Accepting that offer is money for Cleo and cost reduction for you. It is a situation where both win.

Meet Cleo also has a referral scheme that pays you to help the company expand. After registering, you will get a personal link that you can share with your contacts.

Once you sign up with your link, you will receive £ 2.50, which you can withdraw to your account or save to your Cleo Wallet. Although the referral bonus seems small, it can generate some extra money and can also help your friends become more financially responsible.

How references work:

The process to obtain references is easy, and you can also take advantage of your Facebook or any other social media account that operates. Whenever you operate within the regulations established by Cleo (listed below), it should be a good way to earn some money and help your classmates!

  • The reference money will be placed in your Cleo Wallet, which you can also transfer to your bank account from Wallet.
  • People who register through your link cannot delete your account until a period of seven days has elapsed.
  • You will not receive a referral bonus from people who register through you but refuse to link your account to your Cleo account.
  • It is not allowed to use the same online bank details in different Cleo accounts
  • Cleo's fraud team will diligently examine an account with a large number of references.
  • Seven days after someone signs up completely through your link, you will be asked to provide your account details, so that you can send a bank transfer of your bonus.

AI Rocks!

The fact that Cleo uses an AI-powered chatbot through a popular application like Facebook Messenger is great. Chatbots are the future of most online interactions, and if they are done well, a chatbot can be better than a person.

With Cleo, you can start saving money, track and reduce the amount you spend. This will help you save cash, which can efficiently channel to other areas of your life, such as a retirement account.

The simple fact is that we are flooded with ads, and there are not many responsible voices that tell you how to save.


You can earn money in marketing, as well as selling to consumers with debts. Neither of these two industries will help anyone on the purchase side from a financial point of view, so AI is such a great new technology.

Cleo has developed a platform that can really help you get ahead and also learn more about why you are spending.

Clearly, this entire platform depends on artificial intelligence to function, which is a great advantage for anyone who needs a little help in managing their expenses. Without AI, there would be no way for a platform like Cleo to do its job and get its bank balances in better shape.

Save your path to financial freedom

If you are still between 20 and 30 years old, you have the opportunity to start saving for your future at an early age. The money you invest in a tax-efficient vehicle (such as an IRA in the U.S.) will grow in the coming decades, and you'll be glad to have started saving at an earlier age.

Meet Cleo is a good platform for anyone looking to maximize every dollar they spend by getting the best possible deals. Once you are saving more than your monthly income, it will be easy to fund a retirement account each month.

There are a lot of new robo advisors in the market, and you can set up a new account with most of them for less than $ 100 USD. Some even allow you to open an IRA (or the equivalent) with only $ 1 USD. Once you see your savings grow, all the money-saving tips you have heard in your life will begin to make much more sense.

Cleo: The Summary

Cleo is a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence that focuses on the laser to save you money. It will help you set budgets, find spending patterns and save money on regular purchases.

Like any publicly available AI, Cleo has limited scope. Once it is set up for your life, it will help you make sure it is within budget and also spend at the most efficient level possible. You cannot do much more and you may want to find other platforms that adapt to different parts of your financial life.

The only real drawback of the platform is that you must share your bank details with the company, although you do use industry standard security measures to make sure your data is as secure as possible.

If you are looking for a great free tool that can help you save money today and build a healthier financial life in the future, it is worth knowing Cleo. There is no commitment to buy anything, or any fees, so if it sounds like a good tool, try Meet Cleo!

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Meet Cleo Review


  • Easy to use
  • Good design
  • Novel approach
  • It facilitates saving.
  • Smart information about spending habits


  • Chat-based approach not for everyone
  • You have to share bank details

5 5

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