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Los Angeles will finally solve the crisis of the homeless with the "Central Housing Command" – Investment Watch


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Like many west coast cities with progressive management, Los Angeles has had a homeless crisis for many years.

In June 2019, it was Announced that The number of homeless people in Los Angeles County increased 12 percent over the previous year, despite $ 619 million in government tax expense taxpayer dollars to help alleviate the problem.

After spending all that taxpayer money to barely make a dent in their crisis, the bureaucrats have found a solution: the creation of a "Central Housing Command" center. Details of Yahoo:

“City and Los Angeles County officials announced on Tuesday a new strategy to accelerate the process of taking homeless people to permanent homes that It is based on the federal government's response to natural disasters.

The creation of a "Central Housing Command" marks a review of how agencies work together to address the growing number of people living on the street, according to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.

Previously, the system slowed down due to bureaucracy and lack of information. showing available housing units and who is eligible to move to them, authorities said. In some cases, there was a 10-month waiting period from when a person was assigned to the home until the signing of a lease.

"No one had the full picture of resources" said LAHSA interim executive director, Heidi Marston. "Our systems were not talking to each other."

The new initiative uses a "war room model" inspired by the approach of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. UU. To find homes for people suddenly displaced by hurricanes, Marston said. Officials will now have access to real-time data that shows housing availability, as well as sources of funding., according to LAHSA.

Since the launch in December, officials have identified some 3,000 potential housing units that were not previously part of the general inventory, Marston said.

The central command is an important step towards restructuring a response system supervised by LAHSA which also includes housing and development authorities, the mayor's office and health departments.

"We have a lot of people who need to be relocated quickly," Marson said of the situation in Greater Los Angeles, where authorities have declared homelessness a state of emergency. The inclusion of experts in response to crisis in the day to day shows that officials are treating the problem with the urgency it deserves, he said.

In its 2019 count, the authority reported that there were about 60,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles County, with more than 36,000 of them in the city. All but 25% live in the streets. The overpasses of highways are full of tents, and it is common to see someone pushing a shopping cart full of belongings through the center.

According to the LAHSA office and Mayor Eric Garcetti, an average of 130 homeless people in Los Angeles move to homes daily. However, an average of 150 people are left homeless every day. "The crisis of the homeless demands an emergency response, and moving the needle means being agile, flexible and creative with our resources," Garcetti said in a statement praising the new strategy.

Through the new process, officials also discovered that $ 30 million of a $ 107 million HUD grant to Los Angeles in 2017 had not been spent within a calendar year.LAHSA said.

That happened due to low vacancy rates and higher market rates than public housing authorities could afford, LAHSA officials said: together with the "owner bias" against tenants with mental disorders or a history of homelessness.

"It is completely unacceptable that housing funds are not spent when our neighbors without shelter continue to languish on the street," said Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis. The new efforts will leave behind a "disjointed" system and "maximize all the resources in the region," he said.

Read the whole story here.

While HUD Secretary Ben Carson met with Los Angeles officials a week ago to discuss strategies to address homelessness in Los Angeles, I am not holding my breath that the Democrats in charge really achieve important goals. Well, maybe only one: the "discovery" of more dollars from taxpayers not spent.


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