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One of the best £ 10 FREE money back sites


With all the reimbursement sites available to you, it is worth taking the time to make a comparison before you start shopping. After all, a site can offer a good deal, but there is always the possibility that you can find a better one on a different site.

Among the best options for money back sites is Quidco. This website offers a huge variety of offers and high user ratings.

So why is it so popular and what does it offer for other money-back sites to lose?

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Quidco vs. Topcashback

There may be some confusion about the difference between Quidco and Topcashback. Although both are different websites and brands and, as such, will offer different offers, both operate in a similar manner.

TopCashBack Review

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Each site has its pros and cons, so we recommend that you register for both, as this will give you access to the widest range of offers and retailers.

How do cashback sites work?

Cash back sites work in a unique way. Instead of logging directly into the retailer's site, users access the shopping site they want through the cashback site to access unique offers, rewards and coupons in exchange for their sponsorship.

  • Money back sites work through affiliate links.
  • These links show the retail sites with which they are associated from where their customers come from and who they are (or at least their demographic data).
  • This helps them significantly with marketing. In return, they pay a fee to the money back sites, which pass to the customers.
  • When buyers use the cash back site instead of going directly to a retailer, their information can be tracked.
  • Meanwhile, they get a share of the money the money back site earns.

Offers and rewards can vary significantly from one site to another or even at a particular site daily. Using a money back site requires some diligence. Customers can buy and compare offers and rewards to decide which ones they would like to take advantage of. Meanwhile, cash back sites offer hundreds, if not thousands, of retail partners that are ready to offer significant savings.

How does Quidco work?

Quidco offers two separate plans. The basic membership is completely free for users, without registration or annual fee. Many people find that this plan works best for them, since they don't have to hand over any money before they can start finding offers. Others prefer their premium membership, which costs £ 5 a year.

There are several incentives to obtain a premium membership. Premium customers have access to a wider range of offers, higher cash winnings, lottery draws and promotions that can vary up to £ 50 a year. You can also take advantage of prize draws each month. These prizes can cost up to £ 250.

For frequent buyers, the savings can be significant. Quidco estimates that customers who use their services on a regular basis earn an average of £ 300 per year.

Meanwhile, the annual £ 5 fee can be eliminated from your cash back rewards, so you don't have to pay in advance for a membership. You will only have to wait a little longer to start receiving rewards after you start shopping.

Quidco account types

Quidco offers some ways to accept your cash rewards. The site encourages its members to accept rewards in the form of gift cards for major retailers, including Amazon, Argos and others.

It offers incentives in the form of higher cash rewards for members who are willing to opt for gift cards instead of depositing them directly into their bank account.

These increases can vary up to 16% more on average, making it a significant way to earn more rewards.

Quidco also has opportunities for its members to earn cash at physical points of sale. It partners with more than 25 retail stores to allow members to obtain rewards for reimbursement in the store. Many customers enjoy the opportunity to earn more money while shopping in person.

With all these offers and opportunities to save more money, users say they actually recover a significant amount of their purchases.

Some people use sites like Quidco for regular online purchases they were planning to make, regardless of whether they were using a money back site. There is no reason to use money back sites, only use them when you are about to make an online purchase.

Otherwise, you can check any offers for your regular online purchases to see if they qualify for reimbursement rewards.

Quidco retailers

How much can you earn at Quidco and how long does it take to get your rewards?

Savings vary widely in Quidco. Remember, the site is associated with thousands of retailers, and it is up to each of them to offer offers as they see fit.

Some purchases may only qualify for a 1 percent refund, while others may be 10 percent or more.

The conclusion is that everything depends on the retailer and what he decides to offer.

Another thing that depends largely on the retailer is the payment. There is no direct answer to the question of how long it will take to receive your cash rewards. Retailers have different policies and ways to manage cash back to customers, so it can vary up to several months before they receive their rewards.

For some people, that is a decisive factor. Others do not find it a serious problem to have to wait so long to pay. Depending on the retailers you sponsor, your waiting times may not be as long. There is very little way to predict.

Quidco Offers

Other ways to save money with Quidco

A unique aspect of Quidco that you may not see with other money back sites is the opportunity to get money back rewards in person and in the store, as well as through a mobile application.

If you provide Quidco with your bank card information, for example, your purchases will be tracked and rewards credited to your account each time you make a purchase at an affiliated retailer. This means that you can get a cash refund without even noticing.

Cashback on food purchases

Through Clicksnap, Quidco also offers opportunities to earn money back rewards on items purchased in supermarkets. If the site offers an agreement on a particular article, all you have to do is verify in the mobile application. From there, it is easy to accept the offer and then provide proof of purchase with a photo of your receipt.

It is a simple way to save even more money while making your usual purchases at your local supermarket.

Quidco Quick Snap

Quidco also offers other point reward systems where virtual "currencies" can be redeemed for cash rewards. Some retailers offer coin rewards when you sponsor your business. Quidco offers a way to convert your coins or points and get money for them.

Mobile app

The site also offers a money back reminder tool for your smartphone. This reminder tool will send you a notification when certain offers are available. This ensures that you are updated with the offers that are important to you, so do not forget to take advantage of them.

Quidco mobile application

In addition to this, members can also choose how they would like to receive their rewards in cash, including through direct deposit, PayPal or gift cards to major retailers, such as Amazon.

What are some disadvantages of using Quidco?

As mentioned earlier, getting your cash rewards can take a long time, sometimes months or even more. For some people, this disadvantage is enough to rule out the use of the site. However, if you are willing to wait, you can expect your rewards to come to you eventually.

However, some users say there is a small chance that they will not always receive their rewards for reimbursement. On some occasions, if your purchase is not tracked as it should be, it can be lost. However, this does not seem to be a frequent problem with Quidco.

Finally, it is important to make sure you are familiar with all the terms of each purchase you make through Quidco. Failure to do so could mean that you will not get the treatment you expected. But if you read the details of the promotion and the requirements for the member carefully before making your purchase, you can buy without worrying.


Not all money back sites are for everyone. However, if you are interested in making money on purchases that you had already planned to make, Quidco is a wonderful way to do it.

It is constantly ranked as one of the two main cashback sites in the United Kingdom, offering thousands of daily deals and opportunities to its members. It is also safe and well examined, which should provide relief to those concerned with the personal financial information found on the Internet.

If you are interested in getting cash refunds for purchases, it is worth investigating to see if Quidco is right for you.

There is also nothing that prevents you from registering at various money-back sites, since you may not have the retailer you need, take a look at Topcashback as well, as we recommend joining both.

Join Quidco using our and get a £ 10 return bonus when you make your first purchase

Visit Quidco




  • Thousands of retailers
  • Bonus upon registration
  • Mobile app
  • Earn rewards in the store


  • Inconsistent Payment Times


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