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Revolut Review 2019 – Pros and cons digital banking card and application


Revolut is a banking application and a payment card whose objective is to be an alternative to traditional banking products, designed to adapt to the lives of those with a global lifestyle or anyone who wants the flexibility that they cannot obtain from banks regular.

Revolut's goal is to adapt to the needs of customers, giving them control. There are accounts for businesses and consumers, and Revolut offers global expenses and international money transfers without hidden charges.

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Revolut has more than 2 million customers. According to their website, these customers have completed more than 150 million transactions for a total value of more than £ 15 billion. Revolut has saved customers £ 560 million in fees thanks to their real exchange rates.

Looking for Revolut to do business? Read our review.

What can you do with Revolut?

Those who use Revolut can spend their money abroad without paying hidden fees thanks to the contactless Revolut card. It works with more than 130 currencies, offering you the real exchange rate without having to rely on brokers or exchanges that offer bad exchange rates.

Revolut also offers the possibility of sending money worldwide without hidden fees. This function also works in more than 130 countries and provides Fast and secure money transfers. It also depends on the real exchange rate, which can allow users to save up to 8 percent. You can use this function to easily divide the invoices with your family or friends or receive a refund; They don't even need to download the application for you to receive the money.

Revolut Letter

In addition, Revolut makes it easy to buy, maintain, or change Cryptocurrencies You can exchange Ether, Bitcoin and Litecoin with one of the 25 different fiat currencies, and like the other services, you always get the best rate.

Revolut even offers convenient methods for users to save money easily. You can do it through a recurring payment to your savings or Vault, unique contributions whenever you want or by rounding each transaction. On a related note, users can use Revolut to track their expenses through instant payment notifications, as well as easy-to-understand analyzes that classify transactions, so they can fit a budget.

Use Revolut to set up recurring payments and direct debits, too. There is already support for this function in EUR, and it will soon reach GBP.

Revolut is filling a niche

International money transfers can be expensive. It does not matter if you are using the SWIFT system, third-party services such as Western Union or simply withdraw money from your usual bank account in another country.

Revolut is probably looking to undermine these established markets and pass the savings to its customers. There is plenty of room for the company to grow in established markets, especially for people who travel a lot or do business internationally.

Revolut has new banking ideas

The established banking model is extremely outdated. Banks assume that a person has a permanent place of residence and will need localized financial services. This banking model suits many consumers, but it will not work for some people.

As soon as you cross a border, transferring money becomes a nuisance. Taking money through an ATM card might be an option, but you will pay for both ends. Revolut is rethinking this profit-hungry banking model and offers mobile professionals some better options.

Revolut is also one of the first to adopt cryptobank services. While the platform does not provide the same type of crypto exposure as a crypto wallet, it is a good way to easily buy exposure to some of the major cryptos.

Once you buy cryptos with Revolut, they can be used as cash with your account and sent to other Revolut members. See the encryption section below for more information on how your encryption features work.

There are three main systems to transfer money internationally

Most people do not handle international money transfers, and banks know they have the advantage. There have not been many options for people who did not want to use one of the three systems listed below. Now, Revolut is among the companies that are changing the status quo and can save you a lot of money.

Since its introduction in the 1970s, the SWIFT system has been the de facto standard for international money transfers. Unfortunately, the SWIFT system was conceived at a time when the fax machine was a new technology.

The cost of using the SWIFT system is high to any extent. For large transactions (more than $ 10,000) the $ 50 + fees for SWIFT transfers are insignificant, but in smaller amounts they really take a bite out of the money that is moving.

It is important to remember that interbank transfers are basically accounting entries, which invites many questions on the issue of cost. There is no physical "money" to talk about, which makes the costs associated with SWIFT seem extreme for the work done.

Independent Transfer Agents / Western Union / Money Gram

Even if you want to use the interbank system, it can be very difficult to open a bank account in a foreign country. Until recently, services like Western Union were the only way to move money abroad. The rates for using these systems vary, but are not especially competitive.

In addition to the high rates, the use of independent transfer agents can take a long time.

The sender not only has to visit an agent, but the receiver must also wait for his money. There are few standards when it comes to customer service at independent transfer agents, so following this route could be expensive and time consuming.

Revolut Travel Money

ATM withdrawals abroad

The increase in ATMs has facilitated access to the balance of your bank account abroad, but this convenience may have a high price. It is common for both banks to charge a fee to the person who is withdrawing cash abroad, and these fees may affect the cost of the transaction.

In addition to transaction fees, some banks also charge for using a card in another country. Needless to say, this is a less than perfect solution to spend your money abroad. Revolut was founded by people who understand these systems and understand that creating efficiency can be a great business model.

Revolut Accounts

You can obtain a UK checking account or a European IBAN for free, without credit check or proof of address. With these accounts, you can exchange and maintain up to 25 currencies, always obtaining access to the real exchange rate. The free account is also known as a standard account. It still offers interbank exchange rates, free bank transfers in 24 different fiat currencies, and £ 200 or € 200 in free ATM withdrawals each month.

Premium accounts cost £ 6.99 per month and have similar services, but increase withdrawals to £ 400 or € 400. This account also adds:

  • Free turbo transfers
  • Free medical insurance abroad
  • Free unlimited FX volumes
  • Delayed flight and delayed luggage insurance
  • Free global express shipping to 180 countries in one to three business days
  • Spare card to activate with one touch
  • Instant access to cryptocurrency
  • Exclusive customer service priority 24/7
  • Free disposable virtual cards
  • Free exclusive premium cards

There is also a 14 percent discount on the rate if you pay in advance.

Metal accounts are new and cost £ 12.99 per month, which increases ATM withdrawals to £ 600 or € 600. They also add:

  • Free exclusive concierge service
  • Exclusive free Revolut Metal card
  • Up to 1 percent cash back for each card payment in any supported currency (including cryptocurrencies)
  • Access to special offers.

There is a 23 percent discount for paying in advance. The metal card is even made of a reinforced steel sheet and weighs 18 grams. Concierge services include service at home and abroad, including assistance with flight reservations, hotel reservations and exclusive events, among other things.

Setting up a standard account takes seconds, while a Revolut Premium account only takes three minutes.

Revolut prices

Breakdown of Revolut rates

Revolut charges a range of fees depending on the subscription you choose, here is a breakdown of what they charge.

Premium Subscription Rates

If you pay monthly
(payable monthly in arrears)
If you pay annually
(payable annually in advance)
£ 6.99 / € 7.99 / 8.99USD / 8.99CHF / 29.99PLN / 59.99DKK / 76.99NOK / 76.99SEK / 29.99RON / 174.99CZK £ 72.00 / € 82.00 / 92.00USD / 92CHF / 300PLN / 620.00DKK / 790.00NOK / 790.00SEK / 300.00RON / 1750.00CZK

Metal subscription fees

If you pay monthly
(payable monthly in arrears)
If you pay annually
(payable annually in advance)
£ 12.99 / € 13.99 / 15.99USD / 15.99CHF / 49.99PLN / 109.99DKK / 139.99NOK / 139.99SEK / 54.99RON / 299.99CZK £ 120.00 / € 135.00 / 160.00USD / 160.00CHF / 500.00PLN / 1000.00DKK / 1300.00NOK / 1300.00SEK / 500.00RON / 3000CZK

Subscription fees will be charged to your Revolut Account in your base currency, as determined by your registered address.

Additional charges for the Revolut card

Service Standard user Premium User Metal user
Premium Revolut replacement card Does not apply Free Free
Metal Revolut replacement card Does not apply Does not apply Free*
Additional Revolut Virtual Card
Issue Fee
£ 4.99 or equivalent currency Free Free
Revolut Additional Physical Card
Issue Fee
£ 4.99 or equivalent currency Free Free
Revolut Physical Card
Shipping costs
£ 4.99 or equivalent in currency, unless you request Global Express Delivery, in which case £ 11.99 (UK), € 19.99 (EU) € 29.99 (anywhere else) or currency equivalent Free Free

Revolut transaction charges

Service Standard user Premium User Metal user
Instant Transfers Free Free Free
Turbo transfers £ 5 / € 6 / 6USD / 25PLN / 6CHF / 45DKK / 55SEK / 55NOK / 25RON / 140CZK or equivalent currency Free Free
Revolut bank transfers As advised before entering bank transfer. As advised before entering bank transfer. As advised before entering bank transfer.
ATM withdrawal fee ATM withdrawals of up to £ 200 / € 200 / 200USD / 200CHF / 800PLN / 1,500DKK / 2,000SEK / 2,000NOK / 800RON / 4,500CZK or equivalent currency per month are free. Anything that exceeds the above limits is charged at 2% of the ATM withdrawal value. ATM withdrawals of up to £ 400 / € 400 / 400USD / 400CHF / 1600PLN / 3,000DKK / 4,000SEK / 4,000NOK / 1,600RON / 9,000CZK or equivalent currency per month are free. Anything that exceeds the above limits is charged at 2% of the ATM withdrawal value. ATM withdrawals of up to £ 600 / € 600 / 600USD / 600CHF / 2400PLN / 4,500DKK / 6,000SEK / 6,000NOK / 2,400RON / 13,500CZK or equivalent currency per month are free. Anything that exceeds the above limits is charged at 2% of the ATM withdrawal value.

The standard exchange rates

Currencies During FX market hours Out of market hours FX
USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, NZD, CHF, JPY, SEK, HKD, NOK, SGD, DKK, PLN and MXN only. The interbank rate. The interbank rate is provided by financial exchanges and may be delayed as specified by financial exchanges or our data providers. 0.5% above the interbank rate in any exchange.
All other currencies except THB, RUB and UAH. The interbank rate. The interbank rate is provided by financial exchanges and may be delayed as specified by financial exchanges or our data providers. 1.0% above the interbank rate in any exchange.
THB, RUB and UAH. 1.0% above the current interbank rate on all exchanges. 2.0% above the interbank rate in any exchange.

Revolut Insurance for Premium and Metal Accounts

That medical insurance abroad comes from Revolut Travel Limited. This includes dental and emergency medical treatment while abroad, access to the extensive worldwide network and fast reimbursement in the Revolut account.

Flight and delayed baggage insurance applies to delays of more than four hours (in each situation). There are no deductibles, and this service also comes from Revolut Travel Limited. For delayed flights of more than four hours, you will receive £ 80 per hour with a maximum of £ 320. Baggage delays of more than four hours provide you with up to £ 320 to cover the replacement of clothing, toiletries and medications.

Finally, those with Metal accounts receive a 20 percent discount if they choose to obtain device insurance. This insurance includes global protection against liquid damage, falls and more.

Revolut helps you meet your financial goals

Let's face it, most people are not good with money. We don't care much about our bank balances until we can buy food, and saving for retirement is like going to the gym; We know we should, but we just don't.

Revolut joins other new financial companies to make their spending habits easy to understand. Not only do they allow you to track how you spend, but you can also set up your Revolut account to save any additional changes you create through purchases.

Expense Analysis

Have you ever heard old jokes about the balance of a checkbook?

The simple fact is that money is simply not very interesting, especially when it comes to keeping track of expenses. Revolut has an easy-to-use analysis system that will show you where and how you spend your money. Without saving receipts or having to work backwards from a large number of monthly extracts.

Once you have an idea of ​​how you spend, it is much easier to make sure you are not doing silly things with your money. The platform cannot force you to be responsible, but it can help you understand how you manage your money and where you are going every week!

Manage your money

Automatic savings

One of the biggest innovations that companies like Revolut are bringing to the next generation is the ability to save money automatically. It is no secret that the younger you start saving, the sooner you can start worrying less about work and money.

The vast majority of people have difficulty saving actively for their old age, which is why many companies make retirement contributions mandatory, and countries require their citizens to pay in social assistance plans.

Revolut has several different ways to save automatically and then do what you want with the money. There is also a new generation of "robotic advisors" available, which make investing your money extremely simple.

What are the vaults?

Vaults are a way to save money to quickly reach financial goals. It only takes a few seconds to configure a Vault, and you can configure as many as you want, each for a different financial purpose. Let the Revolut application know the value you want to work to save in the Vault and give it a name. Then, you can transfer money directly from your main Revolut account to the Vault or set up another method to work toward the goal.

Revolut Vaults

A popular option is to round all transactions made with the Revolut card and save the difference in your Vault. Actually, you can use this feature to save on cryptocurrencies by automatically buying Bitcoin or other crypto with the amount that would automatically go to your Vault. Alternatively, you can set up a recurring payment for a specific amount to go to the Vault every week or month. When you make a rounded transaction to generate savings in your Vault, you will receive an automatic notification that will inform you of the amount you saved and the value in the Vault so far.

Disposable virtual cards

Free disposable virtual cards are a benefit that Premium and Metal account holders receive. This is a virtual card that you create to make a secure online payment. The card number automatically changes with each payment, which helps protect against fraud.

Cryptos are back!

Cryptocurrency could be the next way people do business, and Revolut has integrated cryptographic functionality into its platform. On the positive side, it is simple to buy and sell cryptos with Revolut. You have also created an excellent way to use cryptos as cash in your Revolut account.

It is a good idea to keep in mind that cryptos are much more volatile than fiat currency. Bitcoin has taken off the lows it reached during 2008, but there is no guarantee that it will continue to increase like a rocket.

If you want to use buy and use cryptos as cash, Revolut is one of the best systems that exist. Unlike encryption exchanges and digital wallets, Revolut allows you to use cryptos as cash and pay for everyday items with ease.

Whatever happens in the encryption markets, the Revolut platform is probably one of the best ways to use cryptos as currency. Many businesses do not use cryptos, but with Revolut, you can use them to buy almost anything.

Cryptocurrency in Revolut

Revolut offers a quick and easy way to buy, exchange and maintain Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin CashY Wave with access to the best exchange rates.

Revolut prides itself on not including hidden fees when buying or selling cryptocurrencies, but provides a single transparent rate. You can use the Revolut application to buy and sell any of the above cryptocurrencies and 25 fiat currencies at the press of a button.

It is not necessary to wait days to get approval to start using Revolut to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, as cryptographic support is standard for accounts. Since your account can be opened in just 60 seconds, buying or selling cryptography with Revolut is simple and fast.

Revolut cryptocurrency

You can also use the Revolut application to track cryptocurrency rates in real time through the application's conversion section.

The application also allows you to track your performance with a cryptocurrency over time and compare historical price changes, the latter can give you a better idea of ​​when to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency. There is also the option to configure price alerts when a cryptography reaches a specific target value; Then you receive a push notification at the appropriate time.

In addition, you can use the cryptocurrency in Revolut as you would with any other currency. This means that you can send or receive cryptography to contacts instantly without any worries. Or you can spend cryptocurrencies through the Revolut card, which will automatically convert the amount spent to the local currency.

On the other hand, the way in which the cryptocurrency is owned by Revolut might not be for everyone.

If you choose to buy and maintain cryptos with Revolut, you will not have the private keys of the crypts you own. This means that you can only send the crypts within the Revolut system, or spend them through your Revolut account.

Revolut encryption options may or may not work for your individual goals. Like many encryption exchanges, Revolut acts as custodian of your encryption. Unlike an encryption exchange, you cannot send encryption from your account to another wallet or exchange.

If you want to buy and use crypto as cash, Revolut could be an excellent option for you. On the other hand, Revolut does not offer the kind of flexibility that many cryptocurrency owners want, nor does it give their clients direct ownership over their digital assets.

How to finance your Revolut account

There are multiple methods to finance your Revolut account. You can use a bank transfer, including top-up through your salary. You can also top up your account with a card, either uniquely or automatically. There is even the option to add money to your account through Google Play or Apple Pay, even with Apple Watches. Currently, Apple Pay support is for 35 countries, but this list will be expanded soon.

Send money internationally with Revolut

One of the main features of Revolut is the ability to send money internationally and make it up to 10 times cheaper than with a bank.

Revolut offers free, fast and secure money transfers to a bank account in one of more than 130 countries, and this is done using the real exchange rate. That contrasts sharply with the typical exchange rate offered by banks, which generates a profit for the financial institution.

The price of Revolut exchange rates is the same as the interbank exchange rate, which is the figure that banks actually use to trade with each other.

Foreign Payments Revolution

There is no fee associated with the exchange and transfer of one of the 24 currencies in the Revolut application. Free transfers can take up to two business days. If you need to complete the transfer within one business day, you can upgrade to a turbo transfer, which is free for Premium account holders and costs £ 5 for standard account holders.

The money is sent from your Revolut account, which you can charge using your debit or credit card or a bank transfer. The transfer is as simple as choosing the recipient and the amount to send. You can also set up recurring payments that involve multiple currencies, with the ability to adjust when and how often in addition to the amount. Revolut also stands out with the fact that it is not necessary to share bank details to send money; Just touch a button.

Payments with Revolut

Sending a payment with Revolut is similar to making a transfer, which includes being simple and only requiring a touch. In addition, the process to send and request money at the national level is the same as doing it internationally.

You can use Revolut to send or request money by touching the relevant phone contact within the application. You can even send money to someone if you don't know their phone number. Revolut can use GPS to show other Revolut users, allowing you to simply touch your name to send or request money.

There is also a feature built into the application that allows you to easily split an invoice. Select who you are dividing it with and Revolut sends the request. If the person does not return the money, the application will send a reminder.

A unique feature of Revolut is the ability to receive money from those who do not have the application. In this case, send a request for money to the person in question through a payment link. They use that link to enter their bank card details, allowing the money to be sent in seconds.

Support charity

This week, Revolut announced a new feature that allows you to donate to charities, it works as follows:

Once you choose a cause you would like to support, you can choose to round your card payments and donate your replacement change to that cause. So, if you spend £ 2.50 on your morning coffee, we'll round it up to £ 3.00 and donate £ 0.50 to your cause.

Alternatively, you can set up a daily, weekly or monthly recurring payment for the cause of your choice, or you can make unique and unique donations. A minimum amount is not required and you can edit or cancel your donation at any time.

Is Revolut safe?

Revolut is safe and also puts users in control of their security. You can easily freeze and unfreeze your Revolut card through the application if it is lost or stolen. You can also use the application to deactivate contactless payments, use ATMs and online payments, and then re-activate them whenever you want.

In terms of fund security, Revolut retains customer money in segregated customer accounts that are encased in rings and that are held by level 1 banking partners. Revolut is also authorized by the FCA, which means it complies with FCA requirements to safeguard funds, along with the 2017 Payment Services Regulations and the 2011 Electronic Money Regulations.

Revolut can help you get ahead

Think about how much you pay in commissions to your bank. If you travel for work or are a digital nomad, you will probably give banks a portion of your hard earned money each month. Revolut could help you prevent those rates from leaving your account and putting them in your savings.

Advancing financially is about saving both the money you earn and making money to start. Revolut is not going to be perfect for everyone, but it offers unique functionality for people who are currently not being served by a banking system that seeks rates at all times.

Revolut is part of a larger financial plan

Depending on what you need to do with your money, Revolut could save you large amounts of money monthly. For people who need to transfer money internationally or travel frequently, Revolut has the potential to generate huge savings.

Saving money is an important part of anyone's long-term financial success, and Revolut makes it easy. The money saved can be easily invested in many ways, and automated investment is a very good way to take advantage of your savings in global markets.

There is a movement to make the financial system more efficient and avoid the traditional banking model. All this leaves you with more money in your account, which is great news for anyone.

Revolut is not the only platform that is doing this, but it is one of the first digital money management services that offers fully integrated cryptocurrency accounts. It is worth thinking about how you use your money and decide which service based on how much you will save over time.

Revolut customer service

Revolut customer service is very good. There is a dedicated support team available, and you can easily communicate with someone through the website or mobile application in a chat.

Revolut Pros

  • It can contain up to 24 different currencies in your account
  • You can buy cryptocurrencies
  • Spend abroad, avoiding low exchange rates
  • 24-hour customer service through the website or live chat
  • Easy to use application
  • Physical card

Cons Revolut

  • When markets close on weekends, fees of 0.5% and 1% are charged on currency exchange rates
  • Foreign exchanges of more than £ 5000 cost 0.5%
  • Free cash withdrawals are limited to £ 200 per month
  • No physical bank branches

Revolut controversies

Revolut has grown rapidly over the past year, and it seems that there have been some very public growth pains. The company was the subject of extensive writing at Wired alleging that it had used suspicious work practices and created an abusive work environment.

Wired's piece cites numerous reports of former Revolut employees that describe highly suspicious hiring practices that closely resemble the growth model an MLM would use.

Revolut "managers" were told to use social media and almost any other means at their disposal for young people to subscribe to the application, even if it meant losing sleep or working almost continuously.

When managers failed to meet the impossibly high standards and objectives that Revolut set, they were insulted. This corporate culture allowed a high turnover rate and numerous former employees who feel they were treated unfairly.

Wired's piece goes into detail about how deep Revolut went into some extremely questionable business practices, and it can be Read in full here.

Lost money

If you search for "Lost money in Revolut" on Google, you will find several pages detailing how Revolut allegedly lost or lost funds from its customers.

Una de estas situaciones resultó en una denuncia presentada ante la Policía Metropolitana de Londres, aunque la Policía se negó a confirmar que se estaba llevando a cabo una investigación sobre Revolut.

En ese momento, un portavoz de Revolut comentó que:

“Para ser claros, este no es un caso de fraude. No hay investigación sobre fraude en Revolut. Uno de nuestros clientes registró una queja después de que los fondos no llegaron a su cuenta porque se ingresaron detalles incorrectos durante la etapa de pago. Nuestro equipo se ha comprometido de manera proactiva tanto con el cliente como con nuestros socios de pagos para resolver el caso y garantizar que se ubicaron los fondos ".

Ningún banco es perfecto, y en algún momento surgirán problemas. Si bien es positivo ver que Revolut tomó medidas en la situación anterior, estos informes no facilitan la elección de Revolut como proveedor de servicios bancarios.

Tenga en cuenta que los bancos establecidos también tienen fondos extraviados y algunos han tenido un comportamiento extremadamente poco ético.

La lista de fechorías de Wells Fargo es un ejemplo de la naturaleza sistémica del abuso en el sistema financiero establecido, y Revolut está trabajando para dar a las personas opciones que eliminen a los jugadores establecidos de la ecuación.


Revolut tiene como objetivo ofrecer una alternativa a la banca tradicional, incluyendo beneficios específicos para aquellos que realizan transacciones en múltiples monedas.

Puede crear una cuenta con Revolut de forma gratuita u optar por una cuenta con una tarifa mensual para obtener más beneficios. Revolut siempre usa tasas de cambio reales y no cobra tarifas ocultas, entregando un gran valor. Funciona para usuarios en más de 130 países y está disponible para dispositivos Android y Apple.

La aplicación está bien diseñada y es muy fácil de usar, una de las mejores que hemos visto de hecho, por lo que no debería tener problemas para acostumbrarse a usarla.

La capacidad de mantener diferentes saldos en hasta 24 monedas diferentes es excelente para las personas que se van de vacaciones, que viajan mucho por negocios o trabajo y reciben sus salarios en una moneda diferente a la de su hogar.

Debe tener en cuenta los cargos adicionales por los intercambios en el extranjero durante el fin de semana: 0.5% para las principales monedas y 1% para los demás y planificar sus intercambios en consecuencia.

Tampoco debe tener en cuenta que la tarjeta puede tardar entre 7 y 14 días en llegar, por lo que si la necesita para unas vacaciones planificadas, asegúrese de pedirla con suficiente antelación.

Somos fanáticos de la aplicación y la tarjeta Revolut aquí en MoneyCheck, que presenta un buen paso adelante en la tecnología bancaria y ayuda a que los intercambios de divisas sean más simples y baratos para sus titulares.

Visita Revolut




  • Intercambio instantáneo entre monedas
  • Gastar en el extranjero, evitando tasas de cambio bajas
  • Aplicación fácil de usar
  • Tarjeta física
  • Servicio al cliente las 24 horas


  • Retiros de efectivo limitados a $ 200 por mes
  • Tarifas adicionales los fines de semana
  • No hay ramas físicas


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are only those of the author, not those of any bank or credit card issuer and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by any of these entities.

Disclaimer: The answers below are not provided or commissioned by the bank advertiser. The responses have not been reviewed, approved or supported by the bank advertiser. It is not the responsibility of the bank advertiser to ensure that all publications and / or questions are answered.

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