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8 financial truths about Valentine's day spending


[ad_1] 8 financial truths of Valentine's Day Star-eyed grooms have more than love in their minds this Valentine's Day, according to a new survey from the WalletHub personal finance site. [one] We all know that vacations are a recipe to spend too much to show your love, but the spending …

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Habits of adolescent spending in 2020

teenage girl online shopping on floor of living room while holding credit card

[ad_1] The average teenager spends $ 2,600 per year. That's 42 million teenagers in the United States spending their money on a variety of products. Teenagers are intelligent and are learning from the struggles of those who preceded them. With this in mind, we can see that they are opening …

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Baby boomers spending habits in 2020

baby boomer couple working on taxes

[ad_1] Baby boomers are considered hardworking people who value relationships and positivity above all else. There are 73.4 million baby boomers in the United States who are close or already in their retirement years. Baby boomers were the largest generational group until the era of the millennium generation. This makes …

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Habits of generation Z spending by 2020

generation z girl grocery shopping with her smartphone

[ad_1] The Z generation consists of those born after 1997. The oldest members of this cohort are just over 20 years old, graduate from college and enter the workforce. This generation differs greatly from all previous cohorts in terms of savings, spending and general money management habits. Here are some …

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