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The best smartphone apps to manage your finances 2019


Before the advent of smartphone technology, people managed their finances using a spreadsheet. Those who could not handle the use of a computer would simply write their money matters in an accounting book.

Fortunately, the technological wave of the last decade led to the development of portable devices that we all now take for granted. In addition to establishing a new benchmark for communications, smartphones also began to incorporate the use of applications.

These applications changed the way we organize our lives, with developers launching countless applications to help us manage everything from communications to our finances. Today, app stores have thousands of tools to help us manage our financial position, allowing us to track and track everything we do with our money.

Here are the best apps for smartphones to manage your finances.


Mint is possibly the most popular financial application available. Mint offers users a set of budgeting tools, along with access to any investment account they own, offering you a comprehensive view of all your finances. The budget tools are what make Mint shine, while the investment side of the application is often on the road.

Peppermint Review

The budget function within the Mint application provides users with everything they need to create a detailed monthly budget. You have the option of creating as many categories as you want, allowing you to enter transactions on the fly.

Mint collects all your financial transactions, extracting data from your credit cards and bank accounts to the application. Mint provides information about their spending habits, giving users suggestions on where they can improve their finances and budgets.

Mint also provides a function that reminds users when invoices are due, and there is even an installation within the application that allows you to pay those expenses.


How many times have you let the change happen in your bank account? If we add all the change we receive over the course of a year, we will have enough to pay for a decent holiday end of the year. Acorns will help you deposit your change in investments, without the need for any participation on your part.

Acorn Review

The application does not save your change; Assigns it to investment accounts. This feature allows you to benefit from additional growth in your money, which otherwise would be spending elsewhere on lifestyle expenses. Acorns offer a quick setup and minimal user participation while giving you peace of mind knowing that your virtual change will be useful to increase your wealth.

Try using Acorns to round out any of your financial transactions and set up recurring automatic withdrawals in your investment accounts.

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Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular among investors of all ages. Coinbase allows you to track all movements in the encryption markets. Coinbase provides real-time information about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and all other important cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase Review

Trade through the application and receive payments directly into your bank account when you sell through the platform. Coinbase also offers a debit card to users, allowing them to spend their cryptocurrency with any partner that supports Visa or MasterCard systems.

You must upload the KYC documentation into your account, including a photo of your passport. Once verified by the management team at Coinbase, you can spend up to $ 25,000 per day. Coinbase allows you to configure price alerts to help you enter and exit encryption markets at your target price.

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Digit is an application designed to help you save money without having to think about it. The application analyzes how you spend money and then automatically determines how much you should save, and can afford to save and save the ideal amount for you every day.

Review of the digit savings application

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The idea behind Trim is simple. All you have to do is allow Trim to review your expenses, and the application will alert you to recurring charges that can be eliminated, or invoices that can be negotiated at a lower price.

Clipping Review

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Paribus is a very interesting application for online shoppers. The platform allows its users to take advantage of numerous refund and discount policies at major retailers and is almost completely automatic. Paribus is owned by Capital One (the company / massive credit card bank).

Paribus Review

Best of all, Paribus is totally free. Read our review for more information.


The innovative FinTech platform, which is available both online and through a native mobile application, allows you to keep track of your finances through a single center.

Whether you want to link all your bank accounts in a single portal, or be able to view your full monthly expenses at the click of a button, CountAbout can help you manage your daily finances.

CountAbout Review

Download the application or read our review.

Personal capital

This application is one of the best personal financial management tools available to investors. It is a bit deeper than Mint, as it provides users with up-to-date information about their investment accounts, as well as a set of budget tools.

Personal Capital has the best user interface, with intuitive images that are easy to see on any mobile device and also on laptops. The application generates charts and graphs of your assets, providing updated information about your investment accounts, which makes it a simple process to track all your investments from within the application.

Personal Capital Review

The application provides users with management services in their portfolio, and in some cases has access to an investment expert. However, although the application shines in the investment department, its budget tools cannot be compared with Mint, but still provide users with a decent overview of their finances and daily expenses.


While there are many free financial applications available, you may also want to check the payment applications. You Need A Budget, (YNAB), charges users $ 6.99 per month for access to the service, with the first month free. The application states that new users generally save $ 200 in their first month of use, paying the annual costs of the application.


YNAB uses a "one job for every dollar" mantra, encouraging users to think ahead about their financial planning. With YNAB, you get tools to save and invest, helping you save money wherever you spend it, from bills to food, vacations and free time.

YNAB also links to your bank accounts, synchronizing all your finances in an easy-to-see platform to get an overview of your current financial position. Use YNAB to set financial goals and squeeze every penny of every dollar that goes into your bank account.


Do you have trouble budgeting your bills? Forget the due date of payments to your creditors? Dollarbird is the ideal application for people who need assistance to manage their debts and expenses.

This free application has premium features that you can add to the application for a minimal cost. The platform has a unique method to place your budget in the form of a calendar, which allows you to see your next invoices at a glance. You can color code your expenses in a list of categories and enter any recurring financial transactions, such as student loans and utility bills.


The application has a practical function that allows users to see their projected balance, which gives you an overview of how much you can spend, without exceeding the funds available in your account. Dollarbird requires that you enter all your transactions manually, giving you a practical approach to managing your money.


This money management application allows you to synchronize all your accounts with the user interface, giving you full control of your finances from the platform. The holistic view of the board and the interface provides users with a means to find where they are spending and where they could be saving on their financial habits.

Pocket protector

The tracking information available in PocketGuard allows users to access their financial information, allowing them to create a budget. PocketGuard helps with tracking your bills while identifying your spending trends every month. The application allows you to keep track of all your expenses, providing you with the information you need to reduce the things you don't need and that are costing you money.


This application offers you basic budget features that are easy to use and uncomplicated. Wally provides users with support for almost all foreign countries in developed and emerging markets. For those digital nomads or travelers looking to keep track of their expenses while traveling the world, Wally is their favorite application.

Wally application

Wally also allows users to take pictures of their receipts for archival purposes. The paperless system gives users the ability to track all their expenses while eliminating the messiness of their trips. Each time you log in to Wally, the application gives you a snapshot of your current financial position and how much room for maneuver you have in your budget.

With a clean and direct user interface and expense tracking efficiency in any global currency, it is not surprising to know that Wally is a success among millennials.


Have you ever followed that old financial budget strategy of putting cash in envelopes to manage your finances? An envelope for rent, another for groceries, another for entertainment expenses, etc. Well, Mvelopes offers a digital solution for this time-tested strategy.

Mvelopes allows users to translate their digital expenses and credit cards into an effective style system that tracks their expenses. The platform gives you feedback on where your money is going with its institutional budget characteristics.

Mvelopes is a paid application, which charges users $ 4 per month for the service. The application also features premium updates to add to your account, as well as a training service to help you manage your money efficiently.


If you always dreamed of having a personal financial assistant, then Albert is the application for you. Albert combines artificial intelligence with human orientation to create information and advice adapted to his current financial position. The application generates useful tips to help you improve your spending habits, isolating unnecessary spending habits.

The AI ​​offered at Albert automatically generates a personalized budget for users, based on income, expenses and their invoices. Albert also identifies the bills where he is paying too much, locating his cheaper alternatives. The application also alerts you to any free trial period that is about to expire and helps users allocate money to their savings accounts.

Albert is a free application, but offers a premium update for a small fee. Once you update, you get access to a real human being who is an expert in helping you manage your finances, as well as providing investment advice.

Robin Hood

This application is for investors and traders looking to get involved with financial markets. The best part of Robinhood is that they do not charge commissions for buying stocks, ETFs and options.

Robinhood earns money through payments from liquidity providers for the order flow, and they offer premium services within the application that allow users to operate with margin. This investment application also allows users to trade in cryptocurrency markets, which is something we do not see in other investment applications of a similar nature.

There are no maintenance fees or account minimums when setting up your Robinhood account, as well as commissions on your operations. The application presents users with virtual cards that provide real-time market information and price alerts on their favorite actions on their watch list.


Tycoon is a dream of freelancers come true. The application helps freelancers manage their payments and budget their expenses. Freelancers have the problem of receiving late payments in most cases, which causes them financial problems when it comes to budgeting their rates and bills.

Tycoon is suitable for any independent professional who has difficulty managing their payments and projects. However, the application is beneficial for anyone who works on their own and who has to deal with debtors who pay them irregularly.

The application helps independent workers to enter the details of their performance, assign a time frame for work and track pending, incoming and overdue payments. Tycoon provides you with a personal balance, which gives you an overview of your financial position at a glance.

The application also provides tools that allow users to track their unique needs. This feature makes it easy for freelancers to calculate their net income while reserving money for taxes and agent commissions, as well as fees related to payment platforms such as PayPal. Having access to your information allows the freelancer to determine if a concert is profitable and worthwhile.


Popular among millennials, Venmo is a payment application acquired by the payment giant, PayPal, in 2013 for $ 800 million. The application is similar to PayPal, but offers users the opportunity to share payments through social platforms.

The application sends a QR code to the debtor for payment, allowing the debtor to add it as a recipient in your account conveniently. The application has a payment limit set at $ 299.99 per week. However, if you set up your account with your KYC information and add authorized payments to merchants, your weekly limit will be extended to $ 2,999.00.

Final word: manage your finances wherever you go

With your finances at your fingertips, these applications help you control your payments, savings, investments and budget. Throw out that old spreadsheet and keep your finances available, from anywhere in the world.


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