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The "Signature School" of the CIA is equipping firefighters with portable emotion recognition / facial recognition devices – Investment Observation


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Over the years, I have written about the possible dangers of firefighters. carrying weapons and be trained as SWAT teams. But this last story will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the CIA "School of the Firm" has done to the United States firefighters.

Last week the University of New Mexico (UNM) Announced that have created a Wearable Facial Recognition (WEFR) device for firefighters.

“The article describes a new and innovative facial recognition algorithm formulated for use in fire technology. The algorithm allows computer systems to identify the emotions that facial expressions show with 98% accuracy. "

Fire fighting devices will learn which facial expressions correspond to what emotion.

"What is especially remarkable about this technology is that it is the first facial recognition algorithm that uses semi-supervised learning, a method in which researchers essentially teach a computer network how to recognize faces. This is done by entering tagged images. (images of faces that have been labeled, by a researcher, with the emotional expression they show), as well as unlabeled images in a network of computed nodes programmed with the algorithm. Over time, the system "learns" which facial expressions correspond with what emotion. "

Why do firefighters need to learn about people's emotions and why would they depend on a device to interpret them? The last time I verified that humans are not automatons and polygraphic machines are unreliable.

A search by the National Science Foundation revealed that WEFR will be "Equipped with microphones and environmental sensors".

Equipping firefighters with microphones and facial / emotional recognition cameras essentially makes them federal agents.

Does anyone want to venture to guess why UNM created WEFR?

UNM states that the WEFRs are for the safety of the first responder, wink, wink, and not for the $ 200,000 + in grant money.

“Finding an accurate facial recognition algorithm is an important facet of Martínez-Ramón's continuous efforts to create a portable device that helps firefighters during life-threatening emergencies. Facial expressions are an indispensable form of human communication; a smile or a grimace can tell us if someone is safe and happy or scared and suffering. "

I think most of us would agree that a person would be happy to know that a firefighter is not going to turn an "indispensable form of human communication" into a veiled CIA excuse to equip firefighters with facial recognition.

Why would you say the CIA is behind turning firefighters into federal agents?

Because in 2016, an article in the Albuquerque Business First revealed that the UNM is considered the CIA "Author's school".

This is the same school that helped create a Smart city full mockup of $ 1 billion dollars in the desert complete with surveillance cameras, microphones, Bluetooth monitoring devices, license plate readers and probably surveillance equipment for Stingray cell phones.

As I mentioned in 2017, UNM has a 100% labor insertion rate, wait … the CIA, the FBI and the DHS. So why would the "Signature School" of the CIA develop portable facial recognition and emotion cameras for firefighters? I think we all know the answer to that.

UNM boasts that all firefighters will soon be equipped with a microphone, emotion and facial recognition.

“The anticipated result of the grant of the Next Generation Connected and Intelligent Cyber ​​Fire System is a complex network of devices, used by firefighters across the country, which uses supercomputing technology to save lives. Under the grant proposal, the finished product will use microphones, cameras, body sensors and environmental sensors to monitor oxygen levels, potential hazards, the presence of victims and other important indicators of scene security. "

Can you imagine an entire country of facial / emotional firefighters responding to smoke or smell alarms, car accidents, medical calls, draw a person's blood, rescue people trapped in elevators or help injured people transported in ambulances?

How Vox said, firefighters make fire fighting much less; his new role is medical responders

So, the question now is why we need to equip medical response teams (firefighters) with the CIA's facial and emotional recognition cameras.

Can you imagine a country full of facial recognition police cameras and emotion / facial recognition firefighter devices? Where does Big Brother's need to identify everyone stop and where does the need to leave Americans alone begin?

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